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Hot Carbonating Extraction Carpet Cleaning in Leonardtown MD

Is it time for your carpets to be professionally cleaned? Well guess what, you found the right place! We at Chem-Dry of St. Marys have an extremely effective carpet cleaning method called Hot Carbonating Extraction, also known as HCE. Our HCE process uses heat, extraction, and a carbonated carpet cleaning solution to get a deep and incredible cleaning! We are professionals at cleaning carpets, so let us clean yours! Give us a call today!

hot carbonating extraction cleaning


Professional Carpet Cleaners Here in Leonardtown, MD


Our HCE Method Will Get Your Carpets Extremely Clean

We will be able to give you a healthier and safe option when it come to getting your carpets cleaned. We use the amazing power of carbonation to get a deep clean. How so? Have you ever seen club soda in action? That’s very similar to how this works! Millions of little bubbles go deep into the carpet fibers, which break down and extract dirt, dust, allergens, and bacteria. The bubbles end up attaching to the fibers, which softens the dirt and stains. This allows us to lift up the gunk beneath your carpets--thus able to remove it! This is a way for us to remove basic carpet stains and giving your carpets a deep clean. Let us give your carpets the best cleaning they have ever had! Here at Chem-Dry of St. Marys, we use top-of-the-line equipment and give you quality service you’ll love! So give us a call today!


Why Should You Choose Us Over Steam Cleaning in Leonardtown, MD?

Why choose us at Chem-Dry of St. Marys when it comes to steam cleaning? When it comes to carpet chem dry versus steam cleaningcleaning, we can give you a healthy and deep clean. We know that it can be difficult to find a carpet cleaner you trust to get the job accomplished. When you choose us, you’re choosing to get a high-quality and healthy carpet cleaning. Our carpet cleaning solution, The Natural, doesn’t use any harsh chemicals, detergents, or soaps! Since our Hot Carbonation Extraction process is so effective, we don’t even need to use much water to get a deep clean. Guess what that mean? Your carpets will dry much quicker--in about 1-2 hours. This lets you get back to your daily life sooner. If you choose to go the steam cleaner route, your carpets will take 1-2 days to dry--who wants wait days for their carpets to dry? We sure don’t. Also, less water means it dries quicker, so you’re less likely to have mold, mildew, or bacteria form underneath your carpets. That means your home will be healthier. When it comes to choosing a carpet cleaning in Leonardtown, MD--choose chem-Dry of St. Marys. We promise you won’t be disappointed.


The Power of “The Natural”

Powerful carpet cleaning solutions? We’ve got them. Our carpet cleaning is called, “The Natural.” It’s a self-explanatory product--it is natural. We use only ingredients copied from Mother Nature. Our product is eco-friendly and cleans really well! No harsh chemicals, detergents, or soaps are found in our product. This can be very beneficial for those who have allergies, sensitivities to chemicals, or even asthma. We will clean your carpets and you can feel assured that your friends and family will be safe around your newly cleaned carpets. Doubt that since our product is natural that it doesn’t work. The Natural is extremely effective--powerful on it’s own and amazing when paired with our high-end equipment. Go ahead and give Chem-Dry of St. Marys a try--you won’t regret it!