Carpet Care Tips

Spring Cleaning: Don't Forget The Carpets

Allergy season has arrived along with spring. A clean home and carpets can help keep allergies at bay. It's important to keep your home healthy, by having a healthy home and clean carpets, it will help reduce allergens that trigger allergies. Allergens, dust, and bacteria can live in your carpets, in order to maintain a healthy home, you should get regular carpet cleaned regularly. When you use Chem-Dry of St. Mary's you can expect a high quality carpet cleaning with a solution that goes deep into your carpets to break down and remove dirt, dust, bacteria, and allergens. Our carpet cleaning product called,The Natural is green-certified with ingredients copied from nature. We can help get your home healthy and clean so you can enjoy your time with the ones you love. Give us a call today at (240) 808-9257 for more information or schedule your appointment here.

why cleaning carpets is important